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Regular Pedicure


4 - Step Spa Pedicures


Jelly Spa Pedicures

6 - Step Spa Pedicures

Includes an exfoliating scrub, 5 minutes massage followed by pressure point reflexology hot stone massage. Includes light callus removal.

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4-step: Hydrating Soak – Exfoliating scrub – Repair Mask – Massage & Finish Cream. Includes 7 – minute massage and callus removal.

AromaSpa Lavender, with its aromatherapeutic benefits, will promote a calm state that allows the mind to rest and relax.

AromaSpa Cherry Blossom will leave the legs and feet healthy, bright and younger-looking.

AromaSpa Jasmine will tone and rejuvenate the skin and feet while uplifting the mind and spirit.

Provides vitality to the skin by supplying and retaining abundant moisture. Rich in chlorophyll and vitamin C to clam the skin.

Increase hyaluronic acid for abundant moisture and skin elasticity. Contains vitamin B complex and other nutrients for youthful skin.

Our customer favorite Jelly spas boasts a unique and amazing gelatinous texture that retains heats soothes aching muscles, and alleviates joint pain. Includes 10 – minute massage and callus removal.

Jelly Pedi Aloe Vera exfoliates the skin of the legs and feet while leaving it supple and moisturized.

Jelly Pedi Lavender’s aromatherapeutic benefits will promote a calm state that allows the mind to rest and relax.

Jelly Pedi Cherry Sage will soother and rejuvenate your legs and feet, making them look bright and youthful.

Jelly Pedi Peppermint brightens the legs and feet while leaving them feeling healthy and looking radiant.

6 step: Hydrating Soak – Exfoliating scrub – Repair Mask – Callus Softener – Massage Gel – Moisturizing Cream. Includes 20 – minute massage and paraffin wax soak.

Full of anitoxidants with potent skin-healing powers and honey helps nourish and protect the skin.

A soothing effect of mentha plants provides cool and refreshing relief for the overworked mind and body.

Contains real pearl powder, which effectively brightens and conditions the skin.

Rich in vitamin A and C for smoothing skin texture, reversing discoloration, with anit-inflammatory properties.

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